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Blueberries, Rusco and Argan Oil Serum

Blueberries, Rusco and Argan Oil Serum

This soothing serum made with organic Blueberries, Rusco and Argan Oil is ideal for easily irritated and reddened skin. It can also be used after shaving to give softness and firmness to the skin, ready to face the daily challenges of a metropolitan lifestyle.

    For sensitive male skin, we offer a soothing cream made from organic Blueberries, Rusco and Argan oil ideal for redenned skin that is easily irrated. This cream is to be applied after shaving to give softness and firmness to the skin, preparing it for the daily challenges of an urban lifestyle.

    This cream contains organic Blueberry extracts, which are strictly only foraged at their full maturity.  This is a key factor in ensuring the effectiveness of the ingredients. The Blueberry is a typical fruit of the Tuscan Apennine forests, famous for its many beneficial properties as certified by the Department of Plant Production and Environmental Agroforestry of the University of Florence that officially encourages its use as an ingredient. In fact, the Blueberry possesses strong toning, protective and restorative properties thanks to the nutrients essential to cells such as vitamins A & C, myrtillin, phosphorus, calcium and manganese. The effects can still be felt after a long days work.

    Argan Oil is derived exclusively from the virgin, unroasted hazel of Argania Spinosa. This is the only way to guarantee a truly effective impact. It has a soothing and exceptionally moisturizing effect, leading to firmer and more toned skin. The Rusco protects the skin from elements such as the sun or cold temperature changes and is able to alleviate redness caused by factors such as smog and the stress of hectic everyday city life. Additionally, the Rusco also protects and strengthens the dermis and superficial capillaries of the skin, leaving it more compact and firm.


    Apply in the morning to sooth irritation after shaving. Apply at night when the skin needs to be re-hydrated and protected.

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